Best 17+ Australia Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Vacation in 2023

Travel Australia Honeymoon Destinations : Australia is renowned for its stunning destinations and remarkable experiences, making it a favored honeymoon spot worldwide. Couples in love can indulge in the breathtaking scenery, opulence, and welcoming hospitality that the country is known for. In this article, I have discussed the 17 best 17 honeymoon destinations for a romantic vacation.

Are you a newly engaged or recently married couple looking for a dreamy romantic getaway to Australia’s breathtaking beaches and deserts? Look no further than this guide on the most romantic Australian honeymoon destinations. You can expect the ultimate relaxation and luxury promised by the resorts located there. In this guide, we’ll go over a few of the top destinations that are sure to have something for everyone. Australia is known for its ability to impress anyone who visits, so let’s take a closer look! Also Read: 19 Brilliant Summer Travel Hacks You Need to Know Before You Jet Off on Vacation

17 Best Australia Honeymoon Destinations For a Romantic Vacation in 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect and top honeymoon destinations in Australia to make your fairy-tale dreams come true, we’ve got you covered. These best honeymoon destinations in australia for ideal places to bring your partner for a truly romantic and memorable trip. You’ll feel the love and happiness emanating from every corner of these unique and special spots in Australia. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the best options!

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  1. The Whitsundays – Paradise For The Beach Buffs
  2. Melbourne – Adore The Glinting Skyline
  3. Queensland – Experience An Unforgettable Adventure
  4. New South Wales – Adorned With Rugged Mountains
  5. Tasmania – An Exotic Wildlife Experience Awaits
  6. The Great Barrier Reef – An Underwater Treasure
  7. Kangaroo Island – Meet The Friendly Kangaroos
  8. Kimberley – A Date With Nature’s Mystique
  9. Victoria – Pleasing With Its Lush Landscape
  10. Perth – A Myriad Of Surprises
  11. Uluru –  For The Golden Sunsets

The Whitsundays – Paradise For The Beach Buffs

The Whitsundays – Paradise For The Beach Buffs, best place to travel. 17+ Australia Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Vacation in 2023

The Whitsunday Islands offer breathtaking sunsets over crystal-clear waters and romantic nights under gently swaying palm trees, making it one of the most enchanting honeymoon destinations in Australia for you and your beloved. Surprise her with an intimate candlelit dinner to make the experience even more swoon-worthy. This luxury and off-the-beaten-path island paradise is the perfect escape for honeymooners seeking a romantic getaway in Australia.

Why Whitsunday:

Experience your dream of a secluded beach with just the two of you under the open sky! The Whitsundays, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Australia, consist of 74 islands, only eight of which are inhabited. This means fewer crowds and more opportunities for love and romance in the Whitsundays!

Key attractions at Whitsunday Islands for Australia Honeymoon Destinations:

Start your day with an exhilarating scuba diving session, go snorkeling or fishing, or if you’re too enchanted by the company of your loved one, simply relax at Whitsunday beaches – one of the most stunning locations in Australia.

Best places to stay in Whitsunday Islands:

Reef View Hotel, Island Resort, and Beach Club Hotel Resort

Best food options:

Mariner’s Restaurant, Fish D’vine & The Rum Bar

Best time to visit:

May to December is the best time to visit this one of the top Australian honeymoon destinations.

How to reach:

Both Brisbane and Cairns are nearest to The Whitsundays. You can take a domestic flight to the Whitsundays.

Nearest airport:

Whitsunday Coast Airport (7 km)

Melbourne – Adore The Glinting Skyline

Melbourne – Adore The Glinting Skyline, bgsraw travel

Melbourne is a lively and bustling city, making it one of the top honeymoon destinations in Australia. From charming alleyways and cafe-filled laneways to magnificent restaurants and stunning historic buildings, Melbourne offers the perfect escape for a romantic getaway. Plus, shopping in Melbourne is an experience your partner won’t be able to resist!

Why Melbourne:

Melbourne has everything you need for a Australia Honeymoon Destinations for romantic patnership, including movie screenings under the stars, champagne and great food on a private boat just for the two of you, and even a private wine tasting tour. It’s the perfect destination to celebrate your love and create unforgettable memories.

Key attractions in Melbourne:

Enjoy a romantic stroll through Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens, savor a cup of coffee at one of the charming sidewalk cafes, and indulge in the delectable Australian cuisine. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss the chance to visit the Old Melbourne Gaol, National Gallery of Victoria, and Melbourne Museum. There’s something for every couple in Melbourne!

Best places to stay in Melbourne:

The Langham,  Crown Towers, and Royce Hotel

Best food options:

Longrain Restaurant, Flower Drum Restaurant, Sezar Restaurant

Best time to visit:

All year round

How to reach:

If you are traveling from Sydney, the best way is to take a flight (3 hours flight time). You can also take a direct train or bus but it will consume more time like 10-12 hours.

Nearest airport:

Melbourne Airport (23 km)

Queensland – Experience An Unforgettable Adventure

Queensland – Experience An Unforgettable Adventure

Queensland has no shortage of romantic destinations, which is why it’s one of the best honeymoon spots in Australia. With rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, and the pristine white sands of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, coupled with the delectable cuisine, Queensland offers a wealth of delightful experiences. It’s also one of the top winter honeymoon destinations in Australia, as the winter season in Queensland is nothing short of enchanting!

Why Queensland:

Peaceful rain forests and crimson hues of the coasts at dusk are insanely romantic.

Key attractions in Queensland:

Experience the breathtaking views of the city from Kangaroo Point cliff, enjoy a romantic dinner at Garuva restaurant, and take a boat ride with your partner for a memorable trip. If you’re an adventurous couple, don’t miss the chance to go skydiving from the Family Islands National Park. These are just a few of the thrilling activities you can enjoy during your honeymoon in Queensland!

Best Places to stay in Queensland:

Daydream Island Resort & Spa, Silky Oaks Lodge, and East Bedarra Island Retreat

Best food options:

Otto Restaurant, Urbane Restaurant, Bacchus

Best time to visit:

December to February;  and May through October

How to reach:

Queensland boasts airports in Brisbane, Cairns, and the Gold Coast, making it easily accessible via domestic flights from cities all across Australia, as well as international flights from major cities around the world. Getting to Queensland for your honeymoon is a breeze!

Nearest airport:

Brisbane Airport (17.4 km)

New South Wales – Adorned With Rugged Mountains

New South Wales – Adorned With Rugged Mountains

New South Wales is an ideal choice for couples seeking a relaxed and secluded honeymoon destination in Australia. Revel in intimacy amidst stunning, rugged mountains or snowy valleys, or simply soak up the sun on the white sand beaches. If you’re looking for a winter honeymoon destination in Australia, New South Wales is definitely worth considering!

Why New South Wales:

There are unexplored trails of the southern highlands.

Key attractions in New South Wales:

Hike through the valley, plan a night stay at Ulladulla – the popular fishing village, and visit Lord Howe Island, Byron Bay, The Hunter Valley, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Blue Mountains and the Snowy Mountains.

Best places to stay in New South Wales:

Peppers Salt Resort & Spa, The Byron at Byron Resort & Spa, and Arajilla Retreat

Best food options:

Quay Restaurant, Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Chiswick at the Gallery

Best time to visit:

Because of the year round sub tropical climate, it is fine to head out anytime of the year.

How to reach:

Being the capital of Sydney, NSW is connected to major cities by ar, rail, and road transport. You will find direct flights, buses, and trains with good frequency.

Nearest airport:

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (13 km)

Tasmania – An Exotic Wildlife Experience Awaits

Tasmania – An Exotic Wildlife Experience Awaits

Tasmania is renowned for its expansive and well-preserved reserves, vibrant tropical forests, and captivating wildlife, making it an ideal destination for Australia Honeymoon Destinations. It provides a picturesque landscape dominated by lush greenery and rugged mountains, offering breathtaking views.

Why Tasmania:

Perfect for couples ooking for a serene getaway in the lap of nature.

Key attractions in Tasmania:

Enjoy a candle light dinner at Boat Harbor, hike the lovely rainforest trails, and take safari tours. Also, visit Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain,  Grindelwald, and Marrawah.

Best places to stay in Tasmania:

Cradle Mountain Lodge; Saffire Lodge; and Eagle’s Nest Retreat are the best accommodations here for a lavish honeymoon in Australia.

Best food options:

Landscape Restaurant & Grill, Me Wah Restaurant, Stillwater

Best time to visit:

October to early May

How to reach:

There are a number of airports in Tasmania with direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Alternatively, you could take ta ferry if you do not mind traveling by sea.

Nearest airport:

Launceston Airport, Hobart Airport

The Great Barrier Reef – An Underwater Treasure

The Great Barrier Reef – An Underwater Treasure

If you believe that the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef in Australia, is only for adventure seekers, you may not be aware of all its possibilities! Not only is it one of the most exciting attractions, but it also makes for one of the most romantic weekend getaways in Australia.

Why The Great Barrier Reef:

You can expect one of the most spectacular Australia Honeymoon Destinations when you have an entire island at your disposal! Indulge in luxurious amenities during your stay and make your honeymoon all the more special.

Key attractions at The Great Barrier Reef:

While exploring Australia Honeymoon Destinations Walk along the islands taking in the panoramic views of the deep blue waters; relax on the white sand beaches with your loved one; go for some water activities like snorkeling to witness the beauty of marine life; and don’t miss places like Wilson Island, Lizard Island, Heron Island and Dunk Islands.

Best places to stay in The Great Barrier Reef:

Lizard Island Resort, Wilson Island Eco Lodge, and Dunk Island Resort

Best food options:

Watergate Port Douglas, Lotus Leaf Asian Salads, Cicada

Best time to visit

June to November

How to reach:

There are various tour operators in Cairns and Port Douglas that organize tour to the Barrier Reef. Cairns has an airport with direct flights from Perth, Adelaide, etc.

Nearest airport:

Cairns international airport (27 km)

Kangaroo Island – Meet The Friendly Kangaroos

Kangaroo Island – Meet The Friendly Kangaroos

Thanks to its sparse population and secluded location, Kangaroo Island is one of the indulgent places to visit in Australia Honeymoon Destinations.

Why Kangaroo Island:

Honeymoon here to witness pristine turquoise water  and white sand beaches. There is nothing more romantic than unwinding at an idyllic cottage, visit rich history, and be amazed with the wildlife around.

Key attractions in Kangaroo Island:

Give sleep a miss by staying awake at the Kangaroo Island; pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa or unwind in the beach; and visit American River, Kingscote and Parndana with your spouse.

Best places to stay in Kangaroo Island:

Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Isle, Tammar Ridge and Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge.

Best food options:

Sunset Food & Wine, KI Thru Thai, Bella Cafe & Pizza Bar

Best time to visit:

Summer months

How to reach:

You could either take a ferry ride or catch a flight from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island. 

Nearest airport:

Kingscote Airport (31 km)

Kimberley – A Date With Nature’s Mystique

Best destination for honeymoon for new couple in australia. Australia Honeymoon Destinations

Thanks to the Tidal Rivers, the ancient Kimberly plateau has been transformed into a vast wonderland of ranges and gorges, rugged mountains and breathtaking landscapes. The surreal beauty that Kimberley is, it is certainly among the unique Australia Honeymoon Destinations. Moreover, with no dearth of things to do in Kimberley, this destination never fails to impress!

Why Kimberley:

Set in the pristine plateaus, it offers you a quiet and astounding honeymoon.

Key attractions in Kimberley:

Tour the national parks to get a glimpse of the diverse wildlife, cycle your way through the valleys; enjoy an outdoor dinner with delicious food and fine wine; and visit Cape Leveque, the Mitchell Falls and Horizontal falls.

Best places to stay in Kimberley:

El Questro Station Homestead, The Berkeley River Lodge, and Kimberley Hotel

Best food options:

Derby Wharf Cafe, Tongs Chinese Restaurant, Zanders Cable Beach

Best time to visit:

April to October

How to reach: The town of Kimberley is only a kilometer from the nearest airport. You could take a flight to Broom International Airport from Perth, Darwin, or Port Headland. The next best way is a 4 wheel drive but that will take you a couple of days to reach here.

Nearest airport:

Broome International Airport (22 km)

Victoria – Pleasing With Its Lush Landscape

Victoria – Pleasing With Its Lush Landscape, best place to travel for newly marrid couple. Australia Honeymoon Destinations

Victoria is also one of the top honeymoon destinations, due to its tropical climate, some of the best luxury resorts, camping, and aquatic experiences. 

Why Victoria:

Its proximity to other beautiful Australian cities, ensures one can cover the maximum attractions of the country.

Key attractions in Victoria:

Drive to Melbourne to explore the gorgeous city; take a ride to the islands for some thrilling water sports; hike along the Gippsland or the Goldfields.

Best places to stay in Victoria:

The Boomerangs, Yarra Valley Lodge, and Hilton Melbourne South Wharf

Best food options:

1932 Cafe & Restaurant, Lake House, Taxi Kitchen

Best time to visit:

June to September is the best time to visit Victoria, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia.

How to reach:

Whether it is a flight or train, it is best if you arrive in Melbourne, Victoria’s capiytal, and then make your way around the place. Melbourne has a proper air, rail, and road network.

Nearest airport:

Tullamarine Airport (23 km)

Perth – A Myriad Of Surprises

Perth – A Myriad Of Surprises, top place to explore with newly wed. Australia Honeymoon Destinations

Perth, the sunny capital of Western Australia provides plenty to see and do for honeymoon couples. The cosmopolitan city of Australia, this destination is full of alluring steel and glass structures covering its floors. With an extensive number of things to do in Perth, honeymoon here would surely be fun filled! So, make sure you consider this for Australia honeymoon destinations. 

Why Perth:

Set between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, it’s among the blissful Australia honeymoon destinations for the romancing couples. Perfect for a laid-back honeymoon.

Key attractions in Perth:

Explore the bohemian North Bridge; relax in the Kings Park, while enjoying the best views of the city’s skyline; discover Perth fascinating monuments and museum; surf at Perth beaches.

Best places to stay in Perth:

Hougoumont Hotel, Cottesloe Beach House Stays, and Royal Hotel Perth.

Best food options:

C Restaurant in the Sky, Friends Restaurant,  Mister Walker Restaurant

Best time to visit:

September to November. If you want to avoid peak time, visit between March to May.

How to reach:

There are direct flights from India to Perth. Perth also has a well-established rail and air network. There are trains from Sydney and Melbourne but the journey is time consuming.

Nearest airport:

Perth Airport (12 km)

Uluru – For The Golden Sunsets

Uluru – For The Golden Sunsets, best honeymoon destination for a romantic vacation. Australia Honeymoon Destinations

A World Heritage Site, Uluru is famed for its romantic golden sunset. The ochre-hued landscape makes it among the best Australia Honeymoon Destinations. The sight with its rock formations namely Uluru and Kata Tjuta is utterly captivating. One can spot red kangaroo, Australian bustard, and black-footed rock wallaby, among many other animals and birds.

Why Uluru?

The wilderness assures you connect with nature, and enjoy privacy amidst a scenic panorama.

Key attractions:

Other than wildlife, there are many activities that await, such as camping, hot air ballooning, and dining at Sound of Silence

Best places to stay in Uluru:

Ayers Rock Resort, Ayers Rock Campground, and Longitude 131

Best food options:

Bough House Restaurant,  Sounds of Silence, Ilkari Restaurant

Best time to visit Uluru:

May to September

Nearest airport:

Ayers Rock Airport (30 km)

Barossa – Where Awaits A Wine-Derful Honeymoon

Barossa – Where Awaits A Wine-Derful Honeymoon, best place to travel in australia

One of Australia’s loveliest places for sipping wines, Barossa Valley is adorned with farms and wineries. The locals are friendly and welcoming. The valley hosts many festivals like the Barossa Gourmet Weekend, Grape Fest, and Barossa Vintage Festival. Add this in your list of Australia honeymoon destinations. 

Why Barossa Valley?

This is a paradise for wine lovers, culture-vultures, and couples who are head over heels about nature’s beauty.

Key attractions:

Other than wine-tasting, there are many things to indulge in such as cycling, heritage walks, and shopping.

Best places to stay in Barossa:

A Secret Garden, Almond Tree Cottage, and 1860 Wine Country Cottages

Best food options:

Kampung Kitchen, Red Door Espresso, The Clubhouse

Best time to visit Barossa:

February to April

How to reach:

Barossa is hour and a half drive from Adeliade Airport. You could either take a taxi or hire car from the airport. There are bus services between Adelaide and Barossa as well. However, the most convenient way is to hire a car that will make getting around in Barossa easy.

Nearest airport:

Adelaide Airport (73 km)

Noosa – Go Surfing Together

Noosa – Go Surfing Together, Best place to travel in australia

If you two are interested in adventurous activities and want to test your compatibility then try surfing which is one of the most thrilling activities. And the best place to do so in Australia is Noosa, Queensland. The town is not only known for paddle-boating and surfing activities but also for being a peaceful beach town which will give you the perfect honeymoon experience. Count it as one of the best places in Australia Honeymoon Destinations.

Why Noosa?

This is the perfect place for those couples who believe in enjoying life to the fullest. It offers great many adventure sports. 

Key attractions:

Sunshine coast, Noosa national park, Noosa beach

Best places to stay in Noosa:

Sofitel, Hatings hotel, Peppers noosa resort

Best food options:

Sails restaurant, Noosa waterfront, Ricky’s river bar

Best time to visit Noosa:

February to April

How to reach:

The best way to reach from Sydney is by air. You will have to take a flight till Sunshine Coast airport in Noosa.  

Nearest airport:

Sunshine Coast airport

Leura – Beauty At Its Height

Leura – Beauty At Its Height, bgsraw travel vlog

Leura Cascades is located at a distance from Sydney and is one of the most romantic places in Australia that not many people might be knowing about. The place is filled with mesmerizing waterfalls, thrilling hiking trails and awe striking mountains. All these things together make for a perfect honeymoon idea. You will not be wrong if you are choosing Australia Honeymoon Destinations.

Why Leura Cascades? This is for those honeymooners who love to be around nature and just nature. 

Best places to stay near Leura:

Echoes boutique hotel, Lilianfels resort, Hotel Mountain heritage

Best time to visit Leura: February to April

How to reach:

The best way to reach Leura from Sydney is by bus which takes 2 hours. From there you can reach the cascades via a cab. 

Nearest airport:

Sydney airport 

Pokolbin – A Secluded Paradise

Pokolbin – A Secluded Paradise, bgsraw travel blog

If you want to spend a honeymoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from the social life not worrying about posting everything on Instagram then you should head to Pokolbin. It is one of the most peaceful places and also one of the best honeymoon places in Australia. It is a rural area where all you both can do is drink wine and relax and enjoy nature’s company.

Why Pokolbin?

This is a paradise for beer lovers, culture-vultures, and couples who want a secluded honeymoon.

Key attractions:

Hunter valley gardens, Tyrell’s Wines

Best places to stay in Barossa:

Hunter Valley resort, Spicers guesthouse, Lesiure inn 

Best food options: Muse restaurant, Restaurant botanica, Exp restaurant

Best time to visit Barossa:

February to April

How to reach:

The best way is to reach via car or cab from sydney which takes approx 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Qualia- Plan A Dream Tour

Qualia- Plan A Dream Tour, bgsraw travel

Qualia is known as the most popular destinations among all other honeymoon resorts and unique expression of an outstanding example and luxury stay in the resort located there in qualia. With mesmerising calmness and relaxed aspect, the honeymoon bees will truly be amazed by the beauty of the ambience. 

The sun-drenched northern aspect has a lot of things to offer to its tourists and let them appreciate the passing beauty of each day. Guests of this resort will get indulged and unwind at the stunning Qualia spa which offers classic and authentic spa menu to its guests. Among all Australian honeymoon destinations in resorts, Qualia is considered as one of the most beautiful resorts.

Why Qualia:

The luxurious stay in Qualia will attract the new bees to make their honeymoon trip stunning. 

Key attractions in Qualia:

With a sensory experience, spa Qualia welcome tourists to enjoy its attractions as well as the soft breeze of the sea. The breathtaking views of the Whitsundays, tourists would love to spend more time in this resort. Also, the Qualia Spa is considered as the perfect place in the vacationers can unwind and indulge in the ultimate comfort. 

Best places to stay in Qualia:

Leeward Pavilion, Beach House and Windward Pavilion are considered as the best accommodations here in Qualia. 

Best food options:

Unarguably one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Qualia has many things to offer to its travellers when it comes to choosing the food from the best of the restaurants located here. The expansive views of the coral sea, as well as the serene ambience of Long Pavilion, is basically best suited for the breezy breakfasts. On the other hand, Pebble Beach restaurant is situated just at the water’s edge and it is best suited for signature dining for the tourists visit there. 

Best time to visit:

With a tropical climate of sweaty summers, the tourists of Qualia enjoy quite a warm winters, bright autumn and spring days. Generally, the average temperature remains around 22-23 degrees in the months of winter that is from June and July and around 29-30 degrees in the months of December and January. However, from  January onwards the temperature starts dropping and often it becomes refreshing for the tropical showers. 

How to reach:

Hamilton Island Airport is 1764 metre long single runway and it is privately owned as well as operated. Locally operated helicopters, seaplanes and light planes are few of the conveyance to reach there. 

Nearest airport:

Hamilton Island Airport is considered as the nearest Airport connected to Qualia.

Spicers Peak Lodge- Get Amazed By The Beauty

Spicers Peak Lodge- Get Amazed By The Beauty, bgsraw travel

Spicers Peak Lodge:

This is a perfect destination if you are planning for the trip for your honeymoon and also the Spicers Peak Lodge is known for its luxurious stay comfortable stay. Built on 8000 acres this Lodge has a national park which is listed on World Heritage.

Why Spicers Peak Lodge:

The newlywed couples can escape to this Lodge and get the pleasure of staying there in this beautiful award-winning lodge. People can get relaxed while going through the treatment of the Anise Spa. Also, there is a chance to exploring the self-guided walk as well as Cherish the eye-pleasing view from inside the Lodge. 

Key attractions in Spicers Peak Lodge:

Anise Spa treatment the attraction that people can explore while staying in the Lodge. 

Best places to visit:

Koala safari, Wallaby Walkabout, self-guided waterfall walks, Eco safaris and Tamborine mountain tour, wildlife centre tour, Hiking, craft beer tour that you can plan while visiting and staying in Spicers Peak Lodge.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit here in this Island is in between October to April as the weather condition is warm and mostly dry although it is still pleasant during the months of winter for the new bees. Couples who would love to enjoy Whale activity can visit from May to October. 

Best food options:

Couples can enjoy a wide range of food options starting from breakfast to two-course lunch as well as the gourmet dinner at The Peak Restaurant which is located just next to the lounge of the Lodge.

FAQs Australia Honeymoon Destinations

Q. Which is the best honeymoon destinations australia?

If you are searching for Australia Honeymoon Destinations, the destinations listed above are the best ones. For honeymoon destinations around Australia, New Zealand is a great option. It also brings thrill, flora and fauna, and unique experiences to the table.

Q. Which are the best honeymoon destinations on the east coast of Australia?

Fraser Island, The Barossa Valley, and Hunter Region are a few of the best Australia Honeymoon Destinations and the place lying on the east coast of the country.

Q. Is Australia good for a honeymoon?

From rugged mountains and beautiful valleys to pristine beaches and unique attractions, Australia offers a lot that is perfect for a honeymoon.

Q. How much does a honeymoon to Australia cost?

Australia Honeymoon Destinations costs at least 500 dollars for a couple per day. It includes sightseeing, meals, and transportation.

Q. When should I visit Australia?

The months of June to August are perfect for visiting Australia. During these months, the weather of the country is cool and it experiences the winter season.

Q. Is it expensive to visit Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country and offers various kinds of amazing experiences. It is quite expensive to visit Australia.

Q. What is the cheapest month to fly to Australia?

April to June is the time when flights to Australia are cheaper and not many people visit Australia. So, you can plan a trip at that time.

Q. Is October a good month to go to Australia?

The Climate in October in Australia is pleasant as well as it is welcoming. It is a great time to enjoy water sports activities as well as other events that take place during this time.

Q. What is the weather like in the month of October in Australia?

It is spring in the month of October so it is the time when the summer heat starts hitting the continent.

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