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Success Stories Related to Entrepreneur, Who Quit His Job to Start Cow Farming

Lest us know the success story of 26-years old Jaiguru Achar Hinder, who quit his private company job to start his own cow farming

Today will share Related to Entrepreneur Success Stories, those who Quit jobs and started their own business, today earn 10 lakh per month.

Success Stories Related to Entrepreneur, Who Quit His Job to Start Cow Farming

Do you know so many people go under stress when they lose their job? But today the Success Stories I am going to tell you all about a person who took action after losing his heart when he lost his job and is now a big businessman today.

Here we are talking about 26-years old Jaiguru Achar Hinder, who was a civil engineer in a private company. He started his business with cow-dung and milk. We also came to know that Hinder also used to earn money by selling the waste water which was used to wash and bathe the cows. He was in a job till that, but later he left his job and devoted himself to this work. And now Hinder is earning a lot of profits in this business.

Know How it all started

First of all, let you know that Jayaguru Achar Hinder lives in Munduru village of Puttur taluk in DAKSHINA KANNADA district. He earn a graduated degree in engineering from Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Puttur. And after graduation, he starts working for a private company with a salary of 22,000 per month. Since he joined the private company but was not interested in his job, he was made for farming, because he enjoy it.

Hender had 10 cows in his house and used to spend his time with animals during childhood.

I didn't like my Job, So I left it

As I have mentioned to you Hinder was not interested in the job. And that is why he left the job in two years ago in 2019. Then he started doing farming with his father, by which he learned so many ways to increase his income. And then Hinder decided to go to Patiala after watching several videos on the internet. When he got an idea in his mind and he bought a machine. This machine helps in dries cow dung. With this, he now sells 100 bags of dry cow dung every month and generated good revenue.

Export Organic Fertilizers

Hinder also used to sell Cow-Dung Solution too. This includes cow-dung, cow urine, and wastewater found after bathing the cow. This solution is supplied through tankers. And he used to supply one tanker daily. And with is he was able to earn 11 Rupees per liter. This solution works as organic fertilizer in farming fields.

This much Earning

The best thing Hinder discovered was that he had learned many ways to increase dairy and its production. Now he has approx. 130 animals. He use to sell 750 liters of milk daily and 30-40 liters of ghee per month. With 10 acres of land, he does this business in his farmhouse. And now he earns ten lakh every month. Now they are looking forward to creating a unit to make milk products.

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