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The bride did such a dance with the groom, the guests were left watching

The bride did such a dance with the groom, the guests were left watching. Dulhe ke saath dulhan ne kiya aisa dance, dekhte reh gaye mehman, dekhiye viral dance

New York: At a wedding mostly in India, we can see lots of drama, and things come to be so funny and get viral. But today I am sharing the trending video of a marriage where the bride did an erotic dance with the groom and the video is surfacing on the internet like a fire.

The bride did such a dance with the groom, the guests were left watching

A video featuring a bride named Natalie Sanders dancing with the groom during a wedding has been gaining popularity on social media. In the video, the groom is sitting on a chair and the bride is dancing on top of it, surprising the wedding guests.

Natalie Sanders, a nurse, and mother of three posted a viral video of her wedding on her TikTok account. The caption on the video read, "When you've had more than one drink at your wedding." The video has been viewed 4.8 million times on social media. The video shows Sanders' husband sitting on a chair on the dance floor as Sanders dances on top of it in a stylish manner. People have been leaving many comments after watching the video.

What are people saying after watching this viral video?

On social media, a video of approximately 6 seconds has surfaced, showing Sanders dancing in front of relatives. The video has elicited mixed reactions, with some finding it amusing and others criticizing it for being inappropriate.

Some online users commented that dancing like this should have been done after the reception, while others suggested it was disrespectful to elders. 

Another user made a sarcastic remark that both parents should be proud. Despite the negative comments, there are also many who have praised Sanders' dance.

One person wrote on the internet, expressing admiration for the individual's ability to maintain strength and sobriety simultaneously. 

They added their happiness in the comment. Another person wrote that they would like this kind of scenario to happen at their own wedding in the future. A third person said the wedding is going to be enjoyable.

Watch the Viral Video

Conclusion: What do you think about this trending news do let us know your opinion in the comment.

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