33+ Latest Bindi Designs For Wedding, Dekhe Dulhan Ki Images!

Bindi has an important place in India. That too, bindi has its own importance
in Hinduism.

We take into account everything from sarees, blouses, jewelry, mehendi for
brides. Bindi is equally important for the bride.

Brides are decked up from head to toe on their wedding day. And a simple bindi
design is an essential element for Indian brides to enhance their look. It
adds so much beauty and elegance to her look.

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A bindi design consists of a dot or other shaped stick-on worn by women and
girls in the center of the forehead. Stick-on is usually red in color, red
color is considered auspicious.

But in some other regions, it is worn by designing a bindi on the forehead
with the help of kumkum powder.

Beautiful bindi designs should be placed mainly on the forehead i.e. Ajna
Chakra, one of the seven chakras of the body. While it enhances wisdom and
knowledge on the one hand, for a bride, a bindi design symbolizes prosperity
and love.

Check out this entire article to discover amazing and different bindi designs.

bindi design for girl
bindi design image
bindi design gold


Show off the Bindi designs we have featured during our wedding festivities and
look gorgeous. These bindi designs can take your entire look to the next

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