Best Business Ideas with 5000 Rupees Investment, Must start in 2023

Becoming an Entrepreneur is not so easy. But here we have come up with some of the low investment business ideas with 5000 rupees you can startup.
Best Business Ideas with 5000 Rupees Investment, Must start in 2023

Entrepreneurs with a budget of only Rs. 5,000 can still start a successful business. Here are some Best Business Ideas with 5000 Rupees to consider in 2023.

Traditionally, men have worked outside the home while women have taken on the role of homemaker. However, in today’s economy, where inflation is on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly important for women to have a source of income. In this article, we will provide ideas for small home-based businesses that can help women earn a good income.

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Starting and maintaining a business requires not only a significant investment of time and energy but also a considerable amount of money. Despite this, some determined entrepreneurs refuse to let a lack of funds stand in the way of pursuing their passion. Also read: Being Bihari founder Punit Aryan Interview.

A guide to Best Business Ideas with 5000 In India

Many businesses start small and gradually expand over time. The level of success depends largely on the drive and effort put in by the entrepreneur. A passionate entrepreneur who is committed to their idea can work tirelessly to make it a success. Also, you can check out Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 20232

Investment in business

Starting a business from home is a cost-effective and convenient option for women. With a budget of only Rs. 5,000, it is possible to start a profitable venture. The key to success is dedication and a strong passion for the business. With the right drive and motivation, it’s possible to achieve great success.

Starting a business has never been easier, thanks to advancements in technology and the internet. The availability of information, low-cost data plans, cost-effective tools, and diverse funding options make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses quickly.

Starting a business can be done on a tight budget of as low as Rs 5000 with these business ideas.

Perfume making business

Perfumes are a popular choice among people looking to improve their appearance and scent. Starting a business that specializes in creating perfumes for women can be a profitable venture. With the help of the internet, it is easy to learn how to make perfumes and turn them into a profitable business for women.

Curtain stitching business

If you have a passion for sewing, starting a business of making curtains from home can be a great way to earn money. This small business idea requires minimal investment, but it can bring in good profits. Not only do curtains add aesthetic appeal to a home, but it can also be a profitable business for those who enjoy sewing.

Bread-making Business Ideas with 5000 Rupees

Bread is a staple food consumed by people across the globe, making it a product with high demand and the potential for good returns on investment. Additionally, large-scale bread production is common in many countries, making it a viable business opportunity for women. Starting a bread-making business from home can be done with minimal investment, making it a cost-effective way to earn money.

Thrift store Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

Thrift stores are becoming increasingly popular in India, as startups and consumers alike are embracing the circular economy. With growing awareness of the negative impact of fast fashion, more people are turning to second-hand clothing. Starting a thrift store involves collecting clothes from your own closet and from acquaintances, cleaning them, and then listing them for sale on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The more connections you have, the easier it will be to spread the word and attract customers.

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Eco-friendly newspaper bags

As more and more states ban single-use plastics, there is an increasing demand for alternative options like cloth and paper bags. Starting a small business making durable newspaper bags and selling them to stores or directly to customers can be a profitable venture. One can begin by targeting small local shops or the community in your neighborhood as potential customers.

Ironing service

Ironing services are in high demand due to the busy lifestyle of many people, who often don’t have the time to do their own laundry. Starting this kind of service from home can be a convenient option. In neighborhoods with a large number of residential areas, there will be plenty of potential customers nearby. All you will need is a set of reliable irons and an assistant if the workload becomes too much for one person to handle.

Art, Music, and Dance classes

Tutoring in art, music, or dance is a great business idea for those with creative skills. It requires minimal investment, and the potential for high returns is greater than the cost. Additionally, you can also organize group classes for multiple students and schedule multiple sessions per day to maximize profits.

Home Organising

Starting a home-organizing business requires both organizational skills and creativity. With the growing popularity of home organizing as a trend, there is a high demand for such services before big events like festivals. People often need help getting their homes in order before these events, and spring cleaning is often done before. You can start with small projects and expand your team as revenue grows, allowing you to take on bigger projects.

Paying guest accommodation

Renting out spare rooms in your house for students or office workers is a great business opportunity for those with a passion for hospitality. Setting up guest accommodations can be done easily and at a low cost. Providing clean facilities and meals can create a comfortable and welcoming environment for guests, without a need for a significant investment. Utilizing an AirBnB-style service can save on advertising costs and make it easy for guests to find you. The key to success in this business is providing quality hospitality.

Pet sitting Business Ideas Under Rs. 5000

Starting a pet-sitting business is the ideal opportunity for pet lovers who want to have more than one pet of their own. As pet owners often need someone to take care of their animals when they are away, working late, or having guests. By investing in pet food, toys, and safety measures, you can start a business that allows you to be around pets all the time.

Pest control Business Ideas Under Rs. 5000

Pest control has evolved significantly in recent years, and it now requires specialized equipment and a range of pesticides to effectively eliminate pests such as mice and termites. Additionally, skilled workers are also necessary for this trade.

Communication equipment store

Selling GPS equipment, satellite radios, satellite phones, and wireless sets in India is possible, but only with the proper government licenses. These licenses are required for individuals and companies to own and operate this type of communication equipment. The business requires a significant investment, and it is important to verify the legitimacy of clients before making any sales.

Ayurvedic medicines

Although there are already several companies in India that produce Ayurvedic medicines, the market is large enough to accommodate more players. With the creation of the Ministry of Ayush, it has become relatively easier to start a new Ayurvedic medicine company, but it still requires a considerable investment.

Financial advisory

If you have knowledge and expertise in the field of investments, shares, health insurance, banking products, and other financial services, starting a business as a financial advisor may be a good option for you. This business requires several licenses and physical office space. Additionally, having a strong financial background is important to be successful in this field.

Computer classes

In the city, there is a shortage of computer classes as they are always in high demand. Due to this trend, Indians are becoming more proficient in using computers. To open computer classes that teach specific skills, take advantage of the Skills India schemes.

Bio-fertilizer factory

Creating bio-fertilizers on a small scale is a simple process and there are various subsidies and benefits offered by the Indian government. Using organic waste, one can start a bio-fertilizer business with minimal investment.

Handicraft showroom

India is known for producing a wide variety of handicrafts, thanks to the diverse culture and traditions of its states. Despite this, it can be challenging to find all these products in one place. Starting a business that sells both popular and unique handicrafts from all over India is a viable option.

Bicycle rides Business Ideas Under Rs. 5000

Cycling is a beloved activity by many, with an increasing interest in using bicycles for short trips within cities and as a primary mode of transportation in rural areas. This large market can be tapped into by manufacturing bicycles for various demographics, such as children, adults, athletes, and even mail carriers.


Choose 1-2 business ideas with 5000 from the list that you are interested in starting in the near future. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the ideas, we will be happy to provide guidance and support through a comment.


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