‘Dealing alone but I knew how to clear’, Priyanka Sarmacharjee

Who is Priyanka Sarmacharjee 'Dealing alone but knew how to clear', exclusive magazine interview
‘Dealing alone but I knew how to clear’, Priyanka Sarmacharjee

Interview: ‘Dealing alone but I knew I had to clear’ – Priyanka Sarmacharjee. Introducing an artist who has so many dreams and getting recognized with the job. She is belonging to a small town known as Karimganj in Assam.

Dealing alone but I knew I had to clear, interview Priyanka Sarmacharjee

In the conversation shed told us that, “I wanted to study interior designing and as there was not much scope for interior designers in Assam my parents told me to study anything else so I opted for … wanted to come out but I used to get blackmailed if I break up I will be the reason for someone’s suicide, my friend, he made me speak about it to my parents and brought me out of the mess… Read the full conversation below:

Q. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Priyanka Sarmacharjee, from Karimganj Assam and settled in Bangalore now, m a 2nd-year master’s student in Ms. Ramaiah college. And a celebrity and bridal Makeup artist turned into an entrepreneur.

Q. So let us know how did you step toward the industry as a makeup artist. Who was the inspiration to jump over?

Hahaha always wanted to do something big and wanted to be recognized so after getting 3 backlogs in 1st semester felt like the end of life and I need to do something I like doing, never been really studious, was always an average student but had a goal to do something big for which I can be recognized, I wanted to study interior designing and as there was no much scope for interior designers in Assam my parents told me to study anything else so I opted for I got 3 backlogs in 1st semester, for the first time I realized what failure actually is! lost hope from life but decided not to give up and to give it a try and push me, that made me find the path of my life and I understood what I actually wanted to do, at the age of 17 I started to learn and research about makeup, skin, and hair to start my youtube channel, but I was damn scared of what if everyone laughs at me but I gathered knowledge about skin hair and makeup on my own. Then it comes to the real deal of buying makeup products so started saving money from my monthly expenses and pocket money and managed to buy some makeup and started practicing on myself, then I asked my mother about youtube channel as I want to start 1 but I was not feeling confident about it, my mom said to give it a try so I started making videos I didn’t have tripod even I didn’t know camera settings, my mom used to hold the camera for first 2/3 videos. Thanks maa!! Anyway it seemed very tough couldn’t grow soon there and I wanted to do it professionally. I am a self-trained artist and started working at the age of 19 along with my studies,, struggling for 2 years I finally passed my and I was freelancing for minimal pricing for brides, and by then people started recognizing me for my work.

At the age of 16, I had my own dance group and NGO from which my parents, members of the group, and I myself used to help needy, spread social awareness for women empowerment.

Q. I was reading about you, where it was mentioned about your failure. So how did you find the way to come out from the situation since this is also entire mental health we all are talking over the internet.

Absolutely! My mental health wasn’t really good by then because I didn’t have the guts to express this to my parents, I was dealing all alone but I knew I had to clear those however I can, because for parents study is something very important so that feeling was devastating but tried hard to pass those subjects in next semester.

Luckily ended up scoring good in next semester ☺️

Q. How did you learn the makeup things and its usages. Is there any course or something, tell our interested audience who may like to learn or wanna get an idea.

I learned makeup on my own, I used to do a lot of research about skin and hair on the internet and I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos of a dermatologist, even I met dermatologist in person spoke to them in person to know more about skin, and when it comes to makeup I used to see something on the internet and try on myself, initially, I failed miserably recreating looks and I used to tell my mom I think I cant but my mom said if u try u can one day, so I didn’t go for any course yet but I am a registered Makeup artist I train others nowadays. I believe if we try hard for something we end up learning it, self-learning is way harder then learning from others but when we learn ourselves that is something we never forget rather become more confident.

I used to go to sleep praying god that I don’t get up the next day but soon after I used to realize what will happen to my parents, dealing with depression became a challenge, luckily an old friend of mine understood me and made me realize to overcome that.

Q. What is your goal and the future plan?

I want to turn my startup into a successful corporate. So that I can endorse women entrepreneurship and encourage women of our society to be more independent and help others to be one.. and I have a plan to start my own makeup line.

Q. What are your parent’s and families’ reactions toward your work.

Initially, when I was working, my father did not want me to work he always wanted me to complete my studies first and then work but my Mom been my constant support system who always encouraged me stood by my side and said keep following ur passion just make sure it doesn’t affect your studies, my father wasn’t really against of it but wanted me to put more efforts in my studies so he was little angry on that note but then my grandfather came to my rescue (haha) and he made a decision that if I feel like I can manage study and work together I can do it just that at the end of the day the end result should be what I want to achieve, time passed when my father noticed I learned to balance my study and work together he felt happy and started supporting me too. I am very blessed with supportive parents and a lovely family

Q. ‘Feelpretty’ is your start-up, when was it first established. What is the moto or mission of it?

Yes absolutely right, so feel pretty is unofficially there from past 2 years and catering only makeup and beauty services all over Bangalore with a team of 8-12 person manually, but now in 2020 feel pretty got registered as a Pvt ltd company and soon to be launched(after COVID-19 situation) in all major cities of India with the help of app we are going to regulate business. Feel pretty would be a destination for any weddings, be it the smallest service in a budget wedding or a big fat wedding our company will take of all equally. Feel pretty would be a place for all the vendors and employee’s happy workplace😊 we are working hard to find investment for this to execute as planned and hope we can make it as decided.

Q. Since active on Instagram is obviously a means to get collaboration and earn some or any profit. So when was your first collaboration and whats was all about.

Yes, I love working with brands be it profitable or not but working with different brands makes me happy and gets to learn a lot. My first collaboration was in 2019 probably and it must be Demonza( a clothing brand), they sent me some amazing dress and I loved wearing them and create different looks which they also loved.

I myself is the founder and CEO of the marketplace Wedding company FEEL PRETTY. February 2020 I got a call from Ace team and I was informed that I have to attend the award function where I was nominated as Best Makeup artist and young entrepreneur of the year.

Q. Who you think was very supportive in your life and want to thank the pillar.

Indeed my parents and grandpa but specifically my mother(maa) because whatever the situation is she just believed me, everyone gave their opinion at least once but my mom blindly said if u think u can make it go for it will see whatever happens.

Q. Recently you were nominated for the best makeup artist and a young entrepreneur. Let us know the level of excitement and the goal ahead.

I got nominated for 3/4 award function in late 2019 to early 2020 and I was very excited for all of them but we don’t happen to win all but delighted to say that I won the Best Makeupartist& Young Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by the most prestigious awards function named ACE BUSINESS AWARDS 2020.

Q. As you know the Bgs Raw is publishing the stories and interviews for two years now. What recommendation would you like to make?

Bgs Raw is an amazing platform and I think doing really well, and I feel Bgs Raw should publish more stories and interviews more often so that the reach can be more and a lot of people will get to know Bgs in a bigger platform.

Such as reaching out to big or small influencers and entrepreneurs and asking about their stories and ask them also to speak about Bgs Raw will help to spread and reach more readers…

Q. What message would you like to convey for our readers?

Nothing is impossible if we want to make it possible, doesn’t matter if we really get what we want but if we don’t try we will definitely don’t get it, so trying our best and if not once 100 times will definitely make it one day. Without trying to get into depression and accusing ourselves of not having something is useless. Trying to be happy, positive, and full of life can change our life into a better place for living…

Q. Ok, so before going to the next session we would like to know your activities in ‘lockdown’.

Due to lockdown, my business is completely shut, m not taking any makeup appointments neither m allowing any of my employees to do so, because safety comes first, so I think can’t be seating home doing nothing so concentrating to grow my youtube channel which I couldn’t continue during my days, making videos every day and doing some study for exams, apart from that constantly working on my startup, attending those zoom meetings and a project for my makeup line. Some household work as I stay alone it’s a must and working-out as it is a necessary thing if want to stay healthy. That’s almost about my lockdown.


Q. What is your style mantra?

Chic and comfortable

Q. The most talked sense of you?


Q. The most used dress in every shoot?

I don’t repeat the dress for shoots.

Q. What do you think people are curious about you?

My personal life!!!!😅 haha ha no doubt only 1 curiosity nowadays.

Q. The most pick up line used by you?

I find pickup lines very cheesy!

Q. Define Bgs Raw in one sentence?


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