Best way to Earn money online from home in India, 1000 daily with your mobile

How to earn money online from home in India? Here is best business ideas to earn Rs. 1000 daily
Best way to Earn money online from home in India, 1000 daily with your mobile

Earn money online from home, Nowadays everyone wants to earn money from mobile since it doesn’t need much investment. So If you also want to know How to earn money onlinetoo. Then in this article, we will tell you how to earn money online from home.

So basically this job is best for a housewife, a student who wants to earn some extra money with your job. So you can earn money every day through your smartphone. There are many such ways to earn money from mobile sitting at home for which this article is been written.

So if you are really curious to know how to earn money sitting at home then this post must be read thoroughly till the end. Only then you all will learn to earn money at home from your mobile.

How to earn money online from home

So my dear friends when you search for how to earn money from a mobile on the internet, then you can see millions of ways and ideas. But today in this post I’ll let you know the most reliable ways to earn money from mobile sitting at home, through which you can easily generate income.

8 Easy Ways To Earn Money from Home in 2023, zero investment business idea

How much money can be earned online from home?

If you are thinking you earn money online that’s a very good idea, there are lots of opportunities to earn money online sitting at home with your smartphone. Also to let you know that you can easily earn money from rupees 500 to 800 per day. And yes of course you can get this amount into your bank account. These much you can earn money from home.

Reselling businessRs 600-2000only 2-6 months
Instagram manager (without investing money)1000-5000* Rupeesstart earning from day one
Referral program250-500 rupeesEarn since the beginning
Creating a blog (best)700-3000 Rupeesminimum 3-6 months
Content writing workRs 600-1000start earning from day one
Video on facebook500-2000 rupees at the startwill take at least 4 months
Online Survey (Pocket Expenses)50-250 RupeesPayment starts from the first survey
Stock market online₹500-Unlimited (High Risk)depending on the investment amount

There is no limit to earning at home through Blog Writing, Instagram, Share Market, Short Videos, and AdSense. Your earning from these sources depends on your hard work and dedication.

What is necessary to earn while sitting at home?

To start every work, we must have something in terms of resources. In the situation of earning by sitting at home, you are going to have to do these things:

  • A smartphone mobile (laptop is even better)
  • Internet connection
  • Bank/UPI/Paytm Account
  • Any one skill (not required initially)

I like to point out that in the beginning, no one is an expert. But as you involve in it you become an expert automatically. But out of all the ways we have given below to earn from home, to earn money in only 4-5 ways, you must have some knowledge about that thing.

small business ideas by bgsraw magazine

Best way to earn money online from home

Today, in the era of the internet, there are many ways to earn money sitting at home online. But here we are telling you only the selected methods in which I myself believe. In these ways, any student, man, and woman can earn sitting at home.

  • Earn money sitting at home by making a blog
  • Earn online from home by doing freelance work
  • You can earn from home on youtube
  • Earn lots of money from home with Google Adsense
  • Earn by Optimizing LinkedIn Profile (Work from Home)
  • Earn money daily sitting at home through a referral system
  • Ways to earn by selling your goods online
  • Earn money at home by working as an Instagram manager
  • Earn from home by doing content writing

In this list of methods, I find the referral system and Instagram Manager to be the best and easiest to earn money online from home. Because you do not have to spend even a single rupee on these works. Even ladies can start earning from these.

How to earn money sitting at your home in 2023 – Students and women

As I have mentioned, there are many ways available on the internet through which you can make good earnings just from home. But to earn money sitting at home on the internet, you will need dedication, hard work, and belief. Only then you will be able to earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month.

Now we will know in detail how to earn money from home. So let’s start knowing the top most popular business ideas in 2023.

Earn money online from home by Blogging

A blog is called a website with periodically updated content in written format, with the help of which we can share our knowledge or experience with others. There are many blog posts on a blog that readers read. The function of writing blog posts for and sharing the experience in a blog article is called blogging.

Fun Fact: The information which you are reading about how to earn money from your home right now is also on a blog. This is also a good example of blogging.

Today many people including women are earning lakhs of rupees through blogging. Nowadays many such techniques have also come which make blogging easy. You can earn good money by creating your blog on WordPress or Blogger, but for this, you will need hard work and very little investment.

Note: If you are looking to start your blogging journey and need help set-up your blog, then you can hire us contact us now at @bgsraw on Instagram.

Once you get traffic to your blog then you can become eligible to apply for Adsense for monetizing your content. Adsense is an ad network that helps publisher to earn money from their online content. And If someone clicks on the ad shown on the blog, then you are given some money by Google. With a minimum of $100, you can get a payout of the money into your bank account. Along with this, there are many other ways to earn money by creating a blog.

Additional information on blogging

what is the success ratemore than 45%
great for whoStudents, Girls, Educated Ladies, Who is fond of writing, who is expert in any subject
how much will it cost₹1,200-2,500 initially (free method also available)
12 to 16 months (depending on your work)should not be given less than 6 hours daily
how much time to give dailyshould not be given less than 6-hours daily

How much can you earn by blogging?

Blogging is the best and easiest way to earn money sitting at home today and in the coming 10 years. Your earning will not be much in the first 4-6 months. But as time passes your income will also increase.

Let me tell you that there will be a time when you can easily earn 1200 – 2000 dollars per month i.e. 50,000 to 200,000 in Indian rupees by staying at home from blogging. The way to earn money sitting at home through blogging is something like this:

  • by affiliate marketing
  • Promoting a brand
  • via Google AdSense
  • by sharing Paytm cash-earning games app
  • By sharing referral links etc.

Please note: If you want to earn with Google AdSense through blogging, then it is important to have your own Bank Account and PAN Card.

Earn money from home by doing freelance work

Freelancing is one of the greatest and very smart ways to earn money by investing any amount. Just you need is only the skills that you can easily learn in a week or month, it’s that simple.

Toptal (recommended)

I personally prefer Fiverr because it’s easy to manage the dashboard and update your gigs. And Fiverr has also more crowds of buyers so you don’t have to take many headaches to promote your gigs to get the first order. Yet you can register on the different freelancing websites too.

On these sites, you have to register as a seller, and for this, you may be required basic documents such as a pan card and GST if you are from India. GST is optional right now, so without GST also you can register on Fiverr. And can start your journey to earn money online from home.

Earn money online from home with a Youtube video

After the default installation of Youtube, it has attracted a huge audience across the globe for information learning and entertainment. So there are different categories for different audiences. So you can plan to make a video to upload on youtube and earn money online from home.

👉 Telegram Group👗 WhatsApp Group
🔥 WhatsApp Group💄 Fashion Telegram
Facebook Group👩 Facebook Group

To start a youtube channel all you need is a Google account with an email containing gmail dot com. And then set up your profile pictures, write about the channel in the description add banners and you are ready with your channel. Now the main thing is the content, you should be consistently uploading it, then soon you will complete the eligibility criteria for monetization with the Google partner program.

Earn money with Content Writing

After the entry of AI tools, the content writing is on the endpoint. But it will not if your writing skills have power and have to convince the reader then there is so much scope in content writing.

To work as a content writer, you can create your profile on Fiverr and list your content writing-related gig, and set the price. As per my knowledge and experience if you deliver quality content at a low price then you can get heavy orders which most Indians do not. And therefore they were even not able to earn anything since buyers got alternate sellers from different countries.

So I will suggest you keep your price low for the gig or optimize it for bulk then surely you are going to boom in your field. I have also seen so many writers, who charge Rs. 0.5 – 01 per word, and most of the hiring fellows are not even earning anything, so how will they pay you?

So you should not target only the big market, target the small clients too. Because in the small market, the oppturnuity are very big.

Earn money from Facebook Videos

Facebook has recently started monetization of videos and many youtube creators have also shifted to Facebook with the same content which is uploaded on Youtube. So if you already have your youtube channel and it will be better for you to upload the same content on Facebook.


There are some trending business ideas you can earn money online, if you have some els way to share them with us, please drop them on our Instagram handle (bgsraw) will take care of your thoughts.


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