SBI credit card simply click benefits

SBI credit card simply click benefits: The SBI SimplyCLICK credit card is designed for those who prefer online shopping and serves as an excellent choice for entry-level users. It offers decent reward points for all types of purchases, with additional rewards for online spending and even better benefits through SBI Card’s exclusive partners.

If you’re seeking a rewards credit card with a low annual fee, this card could be a great option. However, if your primary focus is to maximize your value through cashback on online shopping, an entry-level cashback card would be more suitable. To delve deeper into the reasons behind this recommendation, please read the comprehensive review below.

Earn up to 10X Rewards Points

While the credit card features a straightforward rewards program of earning 1 reward point per Rs. 100 spent offline, it provides enhanced benefits for frequent online shoppers. The card offers accelerated reward points for the following categories:

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The credit card offers the following reward point multipliers:

5X rewards on all online shopping
10X rewards on online shopping with partnered merchants such as BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Apollo24x7, Eazydiner, and Netmeds
Accumulated reward points can be redeemed for additional vouchers from Cleartrip or other partners associated with SBI Card.

The SimplyCLICK SBI Card presents attractive advantages for online shoppers, especially those who frequently utilize the card with SBI Card’s exclusive partners.

For instance, when used on specific online partner platforms, the card offers a commendable rewards rate of 2.50% (10 points per Rs. 100 spent, with 4 points equating to Rs. 1). Additionally, the card provides a satisfactory rewards rate of 1.25% for all online spending (5 points per Rs. 100, with 4 points equaling Rs. 1). However, for expenditures in all other categories, the card offers a below-average rewards rate of 0.25% (1 point per Rs. 100, with 4 points equivalent to Rs. 1).

Milestone Benefits to Add to Your Rewards

On the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card, you have the opportunity to earn Cleartrip e-vouchers valued at Rs. 2,000 each by achieving annual spending milestones of Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakh. For more information and a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions, please click here.

Value Back Comparison: SBI SimplyCLICK Vs. HDFC MoneyBack

TransactionAmount (in Rs.)Reward Points on SBI SimplyCLICKReward Points on HDFC MoneyBack
Groceries (Big Basket)7,000350187
Medicine (Netmeds)3,00030080
Dining (Offline)5,0005067
Online Shopping10,000500266
Movies (BookMyShow)2,00020053
Other Offline Spends3,0003040

The primary motivation behind acquiring the SimplyCLICK SBI Card was its superior reward rate compared to my existing HDFC MoneyBack card. While HDFC MoneyBack does provide accelerated rewards for online spending, the overall reward rate falls short in comparison to SimplyCLICK.

For a typical online transaction, the SBI SimplyCLICK card offers a reward rate of 1.25%, whereas the HDFC MoneyBack card would only yield a reward rate of 0.8% for the same transaction.

Other Benefits on SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Welcome Voucher: Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 500 on payment of joining fee

Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions of Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000

Annual Fee Reversal: Annual fee of Rs. 499 reversed on reaching annual spends of Rs. 1 Lakh

Drawbacks of SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

SBI SimplyCLICK is quite a basic card and has simple features. There are other credit cards in the market having lower/similar fees and better benefits. Some of its drawbacks are:

  • Online shopping benefits come in the form of rewards, the value of which may not be satisfactory in comparison to cashback credit cards like Axis Ace or Amazon Pay ICICI Card
  • Limited options for reward redemption
  • The array of collaborated brands under the accelerated earnings are not impressive

Should you get this card?

SBI SimplyCLICK can be a good option if you want a basic credit card with benefits more inclined towards online shopping. As compared to other rewards credit cards in its fee range, the benefits are better. However, if you look at a cashback credit card, you can find many options in the same fee range which would offer better value in a simpler way.

Earlier, I used to put many expenses on this card as the only other card I had was HDFC Moneyback. However, when I got Flipkart Axis and Amazon ICICI Credit Cards, it made more sense to use those cards instead. For me, there were 2 reasons for this shift:

  1. Amazon and Flipkart cater to every need from electronics to groceries, from accessories to books and stationery. As a result, I got more opportunities to earn value-back so I started putting co-branded expenses on those cards.
  2. These cards offer direct cashback, directly into the wallet or as statement credit. So there is no hassle of redeeming the rewards which adds to my convenience.

The only advantage that SBI SimplyCLICK has over better cashback credit cards are its easier eligibility terms. Being one the most basic cards from SBI Card, the minimum income requirement is also on the lower side. Consider this card if you are looking to take the next step from your first, most basic card. However, if you are eligible for cashback cards mentioned above, I would suggest that you consider them instead.

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SBI credit card simply click benefits

Years ago, if someone would have told us that our lives will consist of wearing a mask, stood six feet, and try their best to avoid touching anything, we are going to laugh, but 2020 happened and changed everything.

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In the last 8 months, we all have gained some new habits and the biggest one is to do as much as we can without touching the external surface. We avoid going to an ATM or pressing a button on a Point of Sale (POS) machine and that sometimes can be a little limiting.

So, what is the next best thing? Contactless Payments! 

What Is Contactless Payment?

With SBI Card contactless payment solution, you can make payments simply by tapping a card or smartphone. This saves you from touching the POS machine, swiping a card, or entering a PIN card. SBI Card offers three contactless payment solutions: Contactless Credit Card SBI, SBI Cards to Pay Pay, and Scan. This payment method is fast, easy, and secure. You also do not need to worry about the security of your card for each transaction is encrypted to keep information secure card.

A Campaign That Is Spreading Happiness

SBI Cards see the need of the hour and met with them a brand new movie called ‘Contactless Connections’, which talks about how contactless payment may be the best way to care, in the middle of the New Normal. In the current situation, in which the physical distance separating us from others, #ContactlessKhushiyan is the bridge we all need and SBI Card with its contactless payment option three, assist us in achieving it.

The campaign brings happiness and inspired millions to stay safe and maintain social distance. It also helps us to see that no matter what situation arises, there is always a way to make your loved ones feel special.

Influencers like Akanksha Redhu show his followers the right way to make your mother feel of love. He uses SBI Credit Card Contactless him to go out and buy groceries without having to worry about touching the POS or card-swiping machines. He prepared a special meal for her mother to show their love and affection and give her some much needed time ‘me’. If it were not heart-warming, then what?

With the world on hold, there is no way to go out or have the exact date night which is something that certainly every few missing. So, the actor Vatsal Sheth brings her home for the evening movie better half and actresses Ishita Dutta and all he needs is his Contactless Card SBI.

By using the card, he was able to get food and flowers without having to step out or unwanted touching the surface. This is the true meaning of #Contantless Khushiyan, right?

Anupriya Kapur and Sarah Hussain were chased through the phone and remember the past when eating ‘Rasgullas’ together really easy-breezy.

With Covid-19 took over, meet friends and family may be difficult, but fortunately not deploy contactless cheer! Anupriya quickly make use of its SBI Card to surprise her with a box of ensuring sweet and Sarah very much appreciated that he brings a smile to the face Anupriya with other sweet gesture- this time also with the help of SBI Cards! We certainly agree that the brand is helping the friendship developed during this difficult time to help spread some cheer contactless!

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