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Exclusive Top selling products on Amazon 2023 in USA

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Exclusive Top selling products on Amazon 2023 in USA

It is a very challenging task for a seller to maximize the potential of products to become top-selling products on Amazon. In this post, you’ll learn about Amazon’s best sellers for 2023, Bestsellers and profitable niches on Amazon KDP, Ways to identify the ever-changing top-selling items, and How to maximize your chances of selling what shoppers truly intend to buy on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Top selling products on Amazon in 2023

Amazon’s curated list of current best-sellers, which includes “our most popular products based on sales,” can be a useful starting point for identifying top-selling items on the platform. These bestseller lists are available for various international marketplaces, such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Spain, and Germany.

What are the top selling products on amazon in 2023 in the USA

The Best Seller lists on Amazon provide an overview of the items that are currently selling the most across the entire platform. These lists showcase the most popular products in various categories, such as toys, books, and video games.

It’s worth noting that Amazon updates these Best Seller lists on an hourly basis. Below is a screenshot of the popular items during the time when we worked on this article in March 2023.

What is the top selling products on amazon in 2023 in USA
Top selling products on amazon

However, when using Amazon’s best-seller lists, you should be aware that:

  • Products listed on the Best Sellers page can be highly competitive since this information is accessible to all sellers.
  • The sales of some products may be decreasing, so it’s possible to join the market just as demand drops.
  • Not all top-selling products may yield high profit margins or be profitable at all.

Despite the competition, it’s still important to keep an eye on what’s currently selling well and trending. By doing so, you can gain inspiration for similar products and also check out the “Customers also bought” section for additional ideas.

By adjusting your product portfolio based on these insights, you could potentially expand your ecommerce business to unprecedented levels. Therefore, we highly recommend paying attention to the market trends and customer preferences.

Once you have identified products with potential, the next step is to find suppliers who can offer those products, or alternatively, create new variations to gain a competitive edge.

Top selling products on Amazon: product research software

Pinpointing the top selling products on Amazon is not as straightforward as just relying on the Best Seller list. While this list can provide a starting point and some ideas, it’s important to note that it only scratches the surface and does not provide all the necessary information.

In reality, a more scientific approach is required to determine the viability of a product. It’s essential to gather statistics and data on each product before making an investment decision.

  • What are its average monthly sales?
  • How many other people are selling it?
  • What is its average price, average reviews or sales history?
  • What kind of sales margins can you expect?
  • Are its sales trending up or down?

Therefore, it’s advisable to utilize third-party product research tools that can provide you with this information. One such tool is AMZScout’s Product Database and Pro Extension.

What to sell on Amazon: criteria

  1. Begin by looking at top-selling products in each category and identifying trending items.
  2. Focus on items with high demand, with a minimum of 10 sales per day.
  3. Avoid overly trendy or seasonal products to maintain consistent year-round sales.
  4. Avoid saturated markets and consider expanding to international markets.
  5. Find a niche with consistent demand using research tools like Jungle Scout to analyze monthly sales volumes and competition.
  6. Consider products with low competition to tap into untapped markets.
  7. Leverage existing product reviews to gauge potential for emerging top sellers with a small number of positive reviews.
  8. Look for products that are inexpensive to acquire or produce.
  9. Test product quality before investing, particularly for Amazon FBA.
  10. Choose products that are easy to ship and not prone to damage.
  11. Understand shipping costs and Amazon seller fees to narrow down product choices.
  12. Consider creating your own brand with private label products, which can be less expensive to purchase and offer more control over marketing and presentation. However, this requires designing a logo, packaging, and building a customer base.

E-commerce tip for top selling products on amazon

One way to improve your product offering is to analyze the content of product reviews. By understanding what customers like and dislike about a product, you can create your own version that better resonates with potential buyers.

What to sell on Amazon FBA

When deciding what products to sell on Amazon FBA, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a marketplace where prices are a significant factor. Customers go to Amazon to find the best deals, so your products must be appealing and often priced within a particular range to attract your target audience.

The standards for selecting products to sell on Amazon FBA are similar to those for selling on Amazon and managing your own order fulfillment.

What to sell on Amazon FBA: Product Marketing Tips

Avoid selling well-known or designer-branded products. Most Amazon buyers are interested in decent products that come at a good price.

Listing products under your own brand name and offering something a little extra, e.g. faster shipping, can put you ahead of your competitors.

Choose small and lightweight products to save on extra storage fees for slow-selling items. The bigger and heavier the product, the higher the shipping costs.

Choose uncomplicated products to avoid potential customer issues.

Some goods, e.g. foods, toys, batteries, or beauty products, may require certifications or paperwork that may be challenging and frustrating to obtain.

Moreover, it is advisable to set a selling price range between £10 and £50 for your products. Products listed and sold below £10 are unlikely to yield significant profits unless sold in bulk. Conversely, products priced above £50 have the potential for greater profit, but may have a smaller customer base.

Products priced below £50 typically fall under the category of ‘impulse buys’, with a range between £10 and £50 being considered as affordable enough for buyers to make quick purchase decisions without much contemplation.

  • Apparel (Clothing and Accessories)
  • Beauty
  • Baby
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Fitness
  • Garden & Outdoors
  • Health
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Jewellery
  • Toys.

Top selling products on Amazon (FBA): selling niche products

To reduce competition and attract serious buyers, it’s important to narrow down your product research to a specific point. By doing so, your product becomes easier to find for people searching for it. Also Read: What is Affiliate Marketing a Free Virtual Event

If you don’t have a niche yet, start with the basics:

What are the most searched keywords on Amazon?
Which products are most successful?
What’s the demand for the product and the level of competition?
What are the expected sales margins?

In addition, you can discover untapped market opportunities by conducting organic searches. For example, a broad search like “women’s leggings” might yield over 100,000 results (high competition), whereas a more specific search like “pink women’s cycling leggings” could reveal a gap in the market. Although there may already be many sellers offering leggings, you might find a particular style, color, or type of leggings that is missing from the marketplace.

Top selling products on amazon

Another way to identify a gap in the market is by examining customer reviews within your product market niche. By doing so, you may uncover that current brands are not meeting customer needs and desires, leaving an opportunity for you to provide a product that addresses these issues or offer something entirely new.

E-commerce tip

If you have a specific product or category in mind, avoid branching out into unrelated areas. For example, if you specialize in selling automotive products, it may not be wise to start selling face masks, especially since your customers may see you as an expert in your particular niche.

What to sell on Amazon (FBA): example of niche products

Consider the category of pet supplies, which is highly competitive. However, many sellers provide generic dog training aids. To differentiate yourself, focus on specific training aids such as the clicker. You can further narrow your niche by offering clickers with a wrist strap, for example.

Top selling products on amazon

Best sellers on Amazon KDP

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which is Amazon’s self-publishing platform, has great sales potential in the following niches.

Holidays niche

Seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day provide ample sales potential.

Entrepreneurship / small business niche

If you target small business owners, it’s essential to understand their need for organization, discipline, and motivation. To effectively cater to their needs, consider focusing on specific types of businesses such as hair salons, event planners, or tech start-ups.

Gaming niche

Selling video games can be a popular choice, but it’s important to be cautious about using copyright-protected designs.

Sports niche

While some sports niches may be crowded, there are many different sports to consider, such as winter sports, tennis, baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer, hockey, table tennis, gymnastics, and figure skating. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that designs that feature specific teams or athletes may be protected by copyright.

Personal development niche

Narrowing down in this crowded niche can make a significant impact on people’s lives.

Frontline workers niche

The pandemic has brought a new niche into focus – potential front line workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store workers, public transport workers, and postal service workers.

Crafting niche

The pandemic has led to a surge in popularity for crafting. Some crafting niches to consider include crochet, knitting, quilting, beadwork, woodwork, origami, and painting.

Food / cooking / baking niche

Baking grew in popularity during the pandemic as well, especially bread making.

Travel lovers niche

There is no shortage of ideas in this niche. For instance, you could explore designing products related to different cities, countries, states, continents, and so on. You could also consider themes such as air travel, sea travel, train travel, road trips, solo travel, group travel, and more.

Nature lovers niche

People interested in the environment, plants, hiking, or wilderness may be potential customers for this niche. Some sub-niches within this category include plants, trees, cacti, camping, gardening, hiking, mountains, eco-friendliness, and wild animals.

Floral niche

Consider a floral niche in general or niching down, for example: lilies, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses.

Vegetarian / vegan niche

When choosing this niche, you can consider people’s reasons for eating a plant-based diet, e.g. health / environmental reasons or animal rights.

Typography niche

You can design books with inspirational sayings, monograms, quotes, single words, etc. If you use quotes/sayings, they need to be either in the public domain or you need to acquire the proper license. Be careful about copyrights.

Music niche

You can narrow it down, for example by musicians, by lovers/listeners of music, by instrument if you are targeting musicians or by targeting a specific music genre, e.g. rock, metal, punk, country, pop. Make sure everything that you produce is copyright-free and above board.

Back-to school-niche

You can target a specific grade, age, etc.

Religion niche

You can use inspiring and/or meaningful quotes (assuming copyright laws allow for it).

Mysticism / spirituality niche

This could be crystals, tarot, archangels, reiki, meditation and so on.

Pride / LGBT / queer positive niche

This is a saturated niche, but you can be unique in many ways to stand out in it.

Fantasy / sci-fi niche

Here you can get carried away: magic, unicorns, dragons, castles, fairies, elves, aliens and much more!

Selling low content books on Amazon

Low content books contain little to no text or images. Often they’re not complicated to make, but can quickly become best sellers.

Examples of low-content books
Notebooks, memo books, squared paper notebooks, balance sheet notebooks, journals and different kinds of planners.

To effectively sell low content (or any content) on Amazon KDP, it’s important to conduct niche and keyword research as well as check out Amazon’s best sellers.

For instance, when describing notebooks, potential keywords to consider include diary, journal, pad, binder, daybook, workbook, log book, or memo book.

Top selling products on Amazon, what’s the conclusion

Although the top-selling products on Amazon are subject to change frequently, the guidelines for determining what to sell on the platform remain consistent. Providing valuable products is now more critical than ever. As a result, offering distinct, reasonably priced items with limited competition is the key to achieving success on Amazon.


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