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Youtube Automation to make +$5000 per month, See how!

Want to earn money with Youtube Automation to make +$5000 per month! You must know this before your take any action.
Youtube Automation to make +$5000 per month, See how!

Business Ideas: So, you want to know how to start a Youtube Automation channel? Keep reading to find out the step-by-step plan I used to create my channel on Youtube without showing my face.

How to get started with Youtube Automation?

If your goal is to create profitable videos on YouTube, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for monetization on the platform. While in the past, videos featuring rain sounds could generate revenue, the rules have since changed.

Those sweet days are gone now!

In order to achieve monetization on YouTube, the platform expects creators to produce high-quality videos that appeal to their audience. While using content from others is permissible, it’s important to modify and incorporate your own creative approach to the clips.

How to make the perfect videos for Youtube Automation?

  • A good thumbnail
  • A good script
  • Good content
  • A voiceover

To embark on this venture, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of the business and become familiar with the primary techniques YouTubers utilize to generate revenue from their channels.

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There are a few ways that YouTubers can make money with Youtube Automation:


The predominant approach for YouTubers to earn income involves receiving payment for ad views on their videos. The amount of compensation per ad is contingent on various factors, such as the number of views and the geographical location of the viewer.

Brand Deals

Another avenue for earning income as a YouTuber is through partnerships with brands, where you endorse and feature their products in your videos. This can take the form of sponsored content or product placement.


If you have a substantial and devoted following, vending branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and other items is a lucrative avenue of income for certain YouTubers.


In conclusion, certain YouTubers leverage crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon to obtain financial support from their viewers, usually by providing exclusive content or creator access in return.

Having understood how YouTubers generate revenue, let’s delve into the detailed guide on initiating a Youtube Automation channel.


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