Digital Marketing can explore the field of the digital world, Sumit Majumdar

Who is Sumit Majumdar? He a owner and founder of Digital Marketing Company called 3SMarketing, he belong to Kolkata, West Bengal
Digital Marketing can explore the field of the digital world, Sumit Majumdar

An entrepreneur is a specialty of beginning a business, fundamentally a new business offering innovative items, cycles, or administrations. We can say that it is an action loaded with inventiveness. A business person sees everything as a possibility and presents a preference in taking the choice to take advantage of the risk. And similarly, a young man Sumit who was born into a Bengali family in Kolkata is now taking the initiative to create a new ecosystem for digital marketing.

We talked to him last week and we got to know so many things about Mediatech Venture which is a social media marketing brand and he is the founder of the firm. Read the conversation:

Q. Let me get started by asking one of the most sensational common questions that are “Tell me about yourself?”

So I am a Kolkata-born Bengali guy. To define me the best adjectives are Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur. Also, I am the Founder of Mediatech Venture which is a Social Media Marketing brand in Kolkata.

Q. What do you think are the best things about working as a digital marketer?

As a Digital Marketer, one can explore the field of the digital world, branding. Get to know how a business or a brand works, Learn-to increase communication skills, and last but not the least, get financial freedom.

Q. You have been active as a social media marketer for the last two years. So, What are the best things you learn and enjoy about it?

So being a social media marketer I am really enjoying this field and my entrepreneurship journey. I have learned how to increase the branding of a business in the digital world, Doing a brand’s digital growth strategy. Being a Social Media Marketer what I enjoy the most is doing the work which I love the most.

Q.When scrolling through your profile I saw a very beautiful post where you differentiate Businessman vs Entrepreneur, can you elaborate on it so our readers can get more to it?

A person who is engaged in carrying out any activity, related to commercial and industrial purposes is known as a Businessman. He sets up his business as a new entrant in the market for the existing business. An entrepreneur is a person who conceives a unique idea or concept to start an enterprise and brings it into reality. He is the person who bears the risks and uncertainties of the business. The venture established by the entrepreneur is known as a Startup Company, which is formed for the very first time regarding the idea, innovation, or business process.

Sumit Majumdar Exclusive Interview

Q. I think you are a travel lover because we can see lots of locations you have explored, most places like Rajgir, Kolkata, etc.

Traveling is the second thing I love the most after my work. Yes, I love exploring, and meeting new people of new cultures, and new traditions. So yeah I travel a lot.

Q. I got to know you’re a founder of a “mediatech venture”. Tell us about the firm, what are its strategies, and how it works?

Mediatech Venture is a Social Media Marketing venture from Kolkata. Mediatech Venture is serving the best possible Social Media Marketing services to its clients.

A few of the brands with whom we have worked previously are ACROPOLIS, NOVOTEL HOTEL & RESIDENCES,  DECATHLON SPORTS INDIA, ROYAL ENFIELD & Many More

Q. To be actively present in a firm there is the expense and economical need, right. What is the main source from which you generate revenue?

Ok, So the main source of revenue of Mediatech Venture is the brand itself. From the services we provide & events we do

Q. What are the major services your brand provides?

We provide services like Social Media Marketing, Brand Digital Growth Strategy, Social Media Growth & Management, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing & Content Management, and Email Marketing.

Q. What are the projects you are working on currently?

We are currently working with several Food & Beverage brands.

Sumit Majumdar Exclusive Interview

Q. Let us know your goals and future plans?

In the future, my plan is to work on Pan India basis and to serve the brands with the best digital marketing services

Q. What are the responses you do get from colics, friends, and family that you are a digital marketer, is it not that unique to them?

Being born and raised in a family where my parents never failed me to clap on my happy days, so didn’t fail to wipe my tears in my sorrow. It would have been very difficult if I was about to stand alone without them as my backbone. I am very lucky to have a co-working mate Shruti Bhattacharya who is also the Co-founder of Mediatech Venture and a budding Social Media Marketer. Also thanks to Anubhav Mukherjee & Prerona Das Roy who made me learn more about digital marketing and branding. Also thanks to Saurav Mukherjee, AyanSaha, and Ankita Mukherjee for their immense support.

Q. Managing any brand is a challenging task, So tell me how you handle the pressure?

Yeah, It’s Kinda challenging to manage a brand. To look after all the things if they are done correctly or not, to do meeting with clients, to do a successful deal is really a tough task but yes when you have such an amazing co-working mate, work becomes easier and also when you do the work you love, you never get tired of it.

Q. What would be your suggestions for the aspiring entrepreneur?

VALUE makes the DIFFERENCE in RESULTS. INCOME will not far exceed PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Hard Work is like sugar and getting enlightenment is like making a pot of tea. The more you will add sugar to it the more it will be sweet and enchant the taste buds. Likewise, the more you will struggle the more sweet result will taste. Thus, never stop trying

Random ques:

Q. Many do not know this, whom do you describe as a digital marketer?

A person who always looks to increase the client’s brand value through digital media channels, developing new digital growth ideas and strategies is a digital marketer

Q. If you were not a social media marketer what would you be?

Probably I would have been a Youtuber or a Food Critic maybe

Q. The best things you learned in 2021?

I learned Time management a lot in 2021

Q. The bad habits you’ll leave before the start of 2022.

My habit of overthinking

Q. Describe Sumit Majumdar in one word.

Digital nomad

Interviewed by: Bikram


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