How to Add Money into Zappwala Wallet, Step by step process

How to Add Money into Zappwala Wallet, Step by step process
How to Add Money into Zappwala Wallet, Step by step process

Do you also face situations when your ordered food from Zappwala is not delivered to you for some reason? Well, if your answer to this question is yes, then this is the perfect article that you are reading now.

In such a situation, mainly when your food order is a prepaid one, Zappwala has come up with the idea of ‘Zappwala Credits‘. Zappwala returns the money for your ordered food that has not been delivered as Zappwala credits.

In this article, we will cover topics like how to Add Zappwala credits, how to redeem zappwala credits and how to use zappwala credits while ordering.

Zappwala is a great discovery platform and restaurant search serving customers across many countries. Zappwala enjoys a significant customer base, as customer satisfaction is its priority.

What are Zappwala Credits?

Zappwala credits are reference credits utilised by the customer care group as a substitute for refunds and discounts. You can track them under your profile in the “Manage Payments” segment in the Zappwala application. You can utilise these credits to order food online from Zappwala.

How To Get Zappwala Credits?

Zappwala credits are not exactly a payment method but rather a way of compensation or rewards. If you are a first-time new user of the Zappwala application, then you will be provided with Zappwala credits that you can avail of during the time of order.

How to get Zappwalal Credits

  • Log in to the Zappwala user app
  • Click on the three-dot bar
  • Now you’ll find the wallet section, click on the PLUS icon
  • Now select your required credit, and enter the amount.
  • Select Phonepe to checkout and pay, and complete the txn.
  • That’s it. Done.

What to do if the Zappwala credit is not showing?

Sometimes due to network issues, payment can be successful and credit may be not shown. So do not worry, just reach out to our customer support with the transaction number, and our team will see the matter.

There can be two issues:

1. Payment failed at your bank

2. Payment success but did not get Zappwala credit into the wallet

How long the Zappwala credit will be valid?

Currently, the Zappwala credit is valid for a lifetime, yet we recommend you use it as early as possible under 90 days.

How much credit can be added to your wallet?

We recommend adding only up to 2000 in INR

Can I add more than 2000 to my wallet?

Yes, but you must contact customer support before adding.


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