Must visit Jharneshwar Mahadev of Madhya Pradesh, see natural beauty

During the time of sawan you Must visit Jharneshwar Mahadev of Madhya Pradesh, see natural beauty, and to full fill your wishes
Jharneshwar Mahadev Neemuch

Jharneshwar Mahadev Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh : The month of Sawan is very special for Shiva devotees, during this month, Shiva devotees perform ‘Jal Abhishek’ on Shivling at different temples for their wishes. In this article you will know more about Jharneswar Mahadev of Madhya Pradesh ( MP ).

There are different types of temples dedicated to Bhole in different parts of the country, whether it is a snowy hill at a height of thousands of feet or the beach of South India, Shiva is worshipped everywhere.

One such Bhole Ka Darbar is located in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh where lakhs of devotees and devotees arrive with their wishes in the month of Shravan. There is also a very beautiful waterfall here which is quite popular among tourists.

Chaukdi, a village under Manasa tehsil, near which this grand place is located where a huge waterfall falls and Lord Shiva resides. From the point of view of tourism, this is the only place in Neemuch district where thousands of devotees arrive during the days of Sawan.

The Bharradoh waterfall falling here is also called Jharneshwar Mahadev, in Bharda Doh, the river falls from the top in the form of a waterfall, which falls from the top of the river waterfall, then it takes the form of a waterfall and the natural beauty around it is seen.

According to the villagers, lakhs of devotees come from far and wide to enjoy the waterfall and its natural form in the rainy and sawan months. This waterfall is the largest waterfall in Neemuch district, which looks very attractive and beautiful in heavy rains.

Every year rudraabhishek mahayagya is held here from Ekadashi to Purnima of Agahan Shukla Paksha, on this occasion a fair is also held here. Thousands of people from hundreds of nearby villages come to see Baba Jharneshwar.


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