People tell fashion won’t make your future, I used to get angry – Sanghapriya Ghosh

Sanghapriya Ghosh is a girl from Arunachal Preadesh, Itanagar. Recently she gave interview to our website, read more
People tell fashion won’t make your future, I used to get angry – Sanghapriya Ghosh

Sanghapriya Ghosh a girl from ‘Arunachal Pradesh’, Itanagar. Here we interact with a fashion influencer who has spent her childhood there and then for higher education, she went to “Vizag”. Later she came to Guwahati for study purposes. She is a fashion freak since childhood. We have interacted with her and got much information and ideas about fashion and it’s the influence that you will love to know it here, so go through the conversation below.

Exclusive Interview with Sanghapriya Ghosh:

Q. First of all, tell us about yourself.

Okay! So I am a student from Arunachal Pradesh and I came to Guwahati for study purposes, and I am still here. So basically I am a fashion freak since childhood. I loved to take my mom’s saree and jewelry and wear everything that I found in her vanity box and used to stand in front of a mirror by posing like a model. So my interest in fashion grew day by day and I found a platform to show my talent. Before I didn’t know that such kind of platforms exists. Now I work for brands and collaborations as well.

Q. Let us know your’s way to the fashion world? Means how did you made the first entry toward

For my higher education, I went to “Vizag” than after completing and returning home, I started watching YouTube videos regarding fashion and researched a lot regarding the same.

I started exploring and experimenting with different styles and everyone including my elder sister used to say “You can’t complete your dressing until you add a kick on it”. Okay! I took it as a compliment and thought to go forward with it.

And I started doing photoshoots and posted them on Instagram. People loved what I do, and also my old and new friends, everyone supported me. Then I got a few collaborations in the beginning but I didn’t collaborate with them. Because I was nervous. But after coming to Guwahati I saw a lot of influencers were working with those brands and were collaborating too. So I took a step forward. And it’s been half a year I am working for brands and collaborations.

Q. Do your parents support you in this journey?

Initially, they didn’t support me. They wanted me to go for some professional line but I chose this way without letting them know about it. Now my mom, my elder sister, and my younger brother know about it. Though my mom doesn’t support fully because she is still in doubt whether I can grow in this field or not. But my dad still doesn’t know anything about my work. And after a few achievements, they will surely appreciate for whatever decision I took.

Q. Let us know the most memorable moment of your blogging till now?

I got inspired by two of my favorite fashion blogger “Komal Pandey” and “Kritika Khurana” and started my page. There’s no such moment yet in the blogging part. But ya all the photoshoots that I have done traveling in different places were the best part. Like, I enjoyed a lot and are unforgettable.

Q. As you already collaborated with the brands, so tell how was experienced?

Yes, they were amazing. I get excited every time I get some new work. I am in love with my work moreover each and every experience thought me something new.

Q. Tell us about your first collaboration and how did you receive it?

My first collaboration was with a skincare product. Firstly I received a mail for which I was invited to apply for the work. The work was to promote the products and so I applied for it and after a few days I received the product box at my home and I completed the shoot.

Q. As you told you were a fashion freak since childhood. So what was the friend’s or neighbor’s reactions; like many of used to tease, or insult, or in any way discouraged? Let us know if this happens…

Yes, I remember all the statements, everyone used to poke. Like I used to do makeup and try some outfits and roam around.

Everyone who saw me was like, “Where are you going? “, “Why did you do so much of makeup”?, “This looks good only in television, not in real life”, “You are not a model or actor”, “Fashion won’t make your future”. I used to get angry but these kinds of stuff didn’t discourage me. I always did what I loved.

Q. However we are interacting for the first time from the state Arunachal Pradesh. So we like to know more about the craziness of fashion there by you.

My craziness for fashion never grew looking around the people of Arunachal Pradesh. It grew by watching television and fashion shows. “Sonam Kapoor” is a big fashion icon, I love the way she carries her style. Also, my mom loves shopping a lot. Since childhood she still buys me fashionable and stylish clothes, I mean my mom has a good fashion sense than me. I learned a lot from her.

Q. I think you’ve completed your studies right. So now what are your goals and future plans?

No, I am not yet done with my studies. Next, I am gonna do my PG somewhere. Right now I am focusing on my work and will continue this. And if I get some better opportunities I’ll look for it. Let’s see what I receive in my fortune.

Q. Do you think social media has created a new generation for employment or business. However many humans believe that this is not a secure job to engage. But what do you think?

Yes, of course! Social media has come with a lot of opportunities for employment and business. Also, people are insecure somehow because in everyday news we get a lot of updates regarding the fraud cases in social networking sites. It’s human nature, we’ll react to the negative consequences more than the positive. It’s better we verify and research everything in order to invest in some business or to get engaged with any kind of job. We should check through the internet whether it’s a spam or not, also people should not share their personal details.

Q. How do you keep your audience updated and trust your influence?

I post very frequently and I get a lot of love from my audience. I add different styles and fashion in my content, I try to cover every style for my content from grunge to street style, ethnic, traditional, boho look and so. Also, I ask them what kind of style they want me to do further and I get a lot of positive responses.

Q. So creating the contents post may not be so easy as we think, So tell how do you arrange the shoots.

No, it’s not that easy. We have to go for shoots in different places by carrying a bag with clothes and accessories so that I can come up with different styles within a short period. After having a shoot for 2-3 hours and we get some perfect shots. This is not the end, we have to select and omit a lot of pictures, edit the pictures, which too takes a lot of time, and then post it.

Q. What are the projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working for Myntra at home. As we all are aware of the pandemic situation. So, I couldn’t do many shoots.

Q. What do you think about Bgs Raw the online magazine and how will you recommend us for featuring

Okay! Bgs Raw has come up with a great initiative for digital creators. Like, for everyone those who are creating something digitally will get motivated after getting featured. And I am very happy that I got this amazing opportunity to get featured in the Bgs Raw magazine. I’ll share it in every possible way to show my achievement so that those who supported me from the beginning, won’t think ever that they made a wrong decision.

Q. Any message for those who have an interest in this same field of fashion. How should they keep patience?

Guys, who are involved in the same field, never get disappointed or discouraged. No matter what other people say, just go with the flow. You’ll definitely grow more and get success if you work hard. So, those who take a step back because they can’t wear any kind of dresses which shows the body, because they are uncomfortable doing it. You don’t have to, fashion doesn’t mean showing your body, fashion means style in comfort. I did my work without knowing what it will lead to, but now I am counted in the top 30 fashion influencers of Guwahati. It is a big achievement for me and I’ll work harder to grow more. Keep patience and trust yourself.


Q. What is your style mantra?

Classy and attractive.

Q. What you believe to yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else

Fashion Influencer and content creator.

Q. On what would you spend your earned money; clothes, accessories, perfumes, or anything else?

Clothes, accessories, and footwear. Also makeup and skincare

Q. What is the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?

Okay! While promoting a brand, some random guy replied will I get 99% off for buying this? I felt it weird

Q. What is the first thing you notice in a man?

Dressing sense and then communication skills.

Q. What would your outfit for a romantic date be?

A shimmer off-shoulder red bodycon dress with golden stilettos.

Q. The most used pick up line by you for anyone?

No for no one

Q. Define Bgs Raw in one word or sentence?

A perfect platform that will help you to grow in your field.

Sanghapriya’s few pics:

Sanghapriya Ghosh is a well know blogger and influencer from arunachal pradesh, itanagar
Sanghapriya Ghosh instagram influrncer of guwahati
Sanghapriya Ghosh fashion blogger guwahati
Sanghapriya Ghosh instagram influrncer of guwahati

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