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Top 5 Best Adsense Alternates for Bloggers, to increase income in 2023

Let us know the top 5 best AdSense alternates for bloggers to increase your income in 2023.
Top 5 Best Adsense Alternates for Bloggers

Yes, AdSense is a popular way for bloggers to monetize their websites, but getting approved for an AdSense account can be challenging. Additionally, Google has strict policies, and if violated, can result in account suspension or even a permanent ban. So in this article Let us know the top 5 best adsense alternates for bloggers to increase your income in 2023.

So many websites has mentioned different list, but in this post, I will tell you the best AdSense alternate for bloggers who are getting small traffic on their website. Because most of the article has been published earlier have kept in mind for huge traffic only.

In such cases, looking for alternative ad networks can be a wise decision. There are several alternatives to AdSense, including:

  • Montag
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Mgid
  • Ezoic
  • Resell digital goods

Monetag : Review for small traffic publisher

Yes, Earlier it was known as PropellerAds and its new name is Monetag which is known for its innovative ad formats and technology. In addition to traditional ad types such as display ads and pop-ups, they offer native ads, push notifications, and interstitials, among others.

Web push notifications are a newer ad format that Monetag has recently added to its platform. These notifications are delivered directly to the user’s browser, even when they are not currently on the website. They can be used to promote various offers, such as deals, new content, or even to encourage users to return to the site.

Web push notifications have become increasingly popular among advertisers as they provide a way to reach users directly on their desktop and mobile devices. They are also less intrusive than other ad types and can result in higher click-through rates.

However, it’s essential to use web push notifications carefully, as users may be quick to unsubscribe if they find the notifications annoying or irrelevant. As with any advertising strategy, it’s crucial to test and optimize to ensure the best results.


Amazon: Review for Native Shopping for a small publisher

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is an advertising program that allows bloggers and website owners to display relevant Amazon products on their sites. These ads are designed to blend in with the website’s content and provide a non-intrusive way to promote products.

Amazon also offers a dedicated influencer page, by which you can share on your social media directly and earn a commission. Check our Amazon deals page for a demo.

The ads can be customized to match the look and feel of the website, and they can be displayed in various sizes and formats, including recommendation widgets, search ads, and custom ad units.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads uses contextual targeting to display relevant products based on the website’s content and user behavior. This means that the ads are more likely to be relevant and engaging for the website’s visitors.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a part of the Amazon Associates program, which allows affiliates to earn a commission for any sales generated through their links. This means that if a visitor clicks on an Amazon Native Shopping Ad and makes a purchase on Amazon, the website owner can earn a commission on that sale.

Overall, Amazon Native Shopping Ads can be an effective way for bloggers and website owners to monetize their content while providing a valuable service to their visitors. However, it’s important to use the ads strategically and ensure they are not overly intrusive or irrelevant to the user’s experience.


Mgid Ads for Small publisher

MGID is a global native advertising platform that provides solutions for both advertisers and publishers. As a publisher, MGID allows you to monetize your website traffic through various ad formats such as native display ads, content recommendations, and custom ad units.

One of the key features of MGID is its advanced targeting capabilities, which use machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized content recommendations to website visitors. This can help increase engagement and click-through rates while providing a non-intrusive advertising experience for users.

MGID also offers flexible payment models, including cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM), which can help publishers optimize their earnings based on their traffic volume and audience demographics.

In addition to its monetization tools, MGID provides publishers with access to real-time analytics and reporting, allowing them to track their ad performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Overall, MGID can be an effective solution for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic through native advertising while providing a valuable user experience. However, as with any advertising strategy, it’s important to test and optimize to ensure the best results for your website and audience.

The approval is not much tough, if you have 3k views daily then you can easily get approval for mgid.


Ezoic for a small publisher

Ezoic is a platform that provides website optimization tools for publishers, including ad revenue optimization, site speed optimization, and user experience testing. Ezoic uses machine learning algorithms to help publishers optimize their website performance and increase their revenue potential.

One of the main features of Ezoic is its ad revenue optimization tool, which allows publishers to increase their ad revenue without sacrificing user experience. Ezoic uses a combination of ad testing and data analysis to identify the best ad placements, sizes, and types for each individual user, resulting in higher click-through rates and revenue.

In addition to ad revenue optimization, Ezoic also offers site speed optimization tools that can help improve page load times and increase user engagement. This can lead to lower bounce rates and increased time on site, which can improve search engine rankings and ultimately drive more traffic and revenue.

Ezoic also provides user experience testing tools that allow publishers to test different website layouts and designs to determine which ones provide the best user experience and revenue potential. This can help improve user engagement and retention while increasing ad revenue.

Overall, Ezoic can be a valuable platform for publishers looking to optimize their website performance and increase their ad revenue potential. The platform’s machine learning algorithms and data analysis tools can provide valuable insights and optimizations that can help publishers achieve their goals.


Resell Digital Goods

For 6-7 years I have seen lots of bloggers and publishers who have been disputed in many ad networks, so therefore I suggest you not trust another network as you can see creators upload a video daily for new ad networks for small publishers.

They suggest the above networks which I have also been using this method including AdSense(which I have not mentioned in that article since we are looking for Adsense alternative right).

So let me tell you that Reselling Digital goods is also a very good idea to generate revenue.

What to do about this?

Just write an article on topics such as free blogspot templates, free WordPress themes, top 10 filters for Instagram images, etc. And add your store link. This store can be hosted on WordPress or you can host your product catalogs on WhatsApp Business for free.

However, I have seen not many people trust to pay before you deliver the services, so you can also create an account on Fiverr for selling the goods. Fiverr is a platform where users trust to pay without dispute in any mutual understanding for payments.

You can also sell some more services there such as article writing, web designing, video editing, etc check out more for example.


Yes, using a combination of different ad networks can be a great way to make up for the lost AdSense earnings potential. By diversifying your ad revenue streams, you can reduce your reliance on any single ad network and increase your overall revenue potential.

In addition to Monetag and Amazon Native Ads, there are many other ad networks that publishers can consider, such as, Mgid, and Ezoic. Each of these networks has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to choose the ones that are best suited to your website’s niche, audience, and content.

It’s also important to experiment with different ad formats and placements to find the ones that work best for your website and audience. For example, some websites may perform better with native ads, while others may perform better with display ads or interstitials.

Ultimately, the key to maximizing your ad revenue potential is to test and optimize continuously. By tracking your ad performance and experimenting with different strategies, you can identify the ad networks and formats that provide the best results for your website and audience.


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