I don’t just post to earn commercials, Aadhya Sharma

Who is Aadhya Sharma? Read her latest Interview with Bgsraw magazine. She quote, 'I don’t just post to earn commercials'
I don’t just post to earn commercials, Aadhya Sharma

Greetings everyone! We have another exciting Bgs Raw chat to share with you featuring Aadhya Sharma, a fashion creator and influencer. In this conversation, she provided insightful responses to the serious questions we posed.

Aadhya, who once aspired to be an actress in her childhood, has now made her mark in the world of fashion and modeling. She pursued a degree in mass media from Amity University Noida and has gained a significant following of over 50,000 on Instagram, where she remains highly active and popular on social media.

‘I don’t just post things to earn good commercials’ Aadhya Sharma’s Interview

Q. Tell us something about you?

Hey, I am Aadhya Sharma, I am a journalism and mass communication student (amity university, Noida). I started working as a digital creator for the past 8-9 months. I have been a creative person since childhood. And fashion has been my sector of interest. I always wanted a platform where I can work in both of my favorite fields. And finally, I am doing it. I am a 5-year trained Kathak dancer also. I want to travel the whole wide world in this life. I am just a fun-loving person. Whose life revolves around two things – ‘Mai Apni favorite hun’ and ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara’.

aadhya sharma is an influencer from noida, she is studying mass media from amity university noida

Q. What is fashion and how are you influencing or helping your fams?

I believe fashion is the most used and misunderstood word in today’s world. For me, fashion is something I am comfortable in, something I like to wear, and something that gives me confidence. Something that I experiment with. Not what’s going on already in the market and we need to do it for the sake of trends.

I am an influencer! And I try to do my job honestly. I make sure first I use products and then only give genuine reviews and feedback to my audience. I don’t just post things to earn good commercials. I always try to influence people to have a healthy and happy life.

Q. How & when did you inspire to be a fashion creator?

It just happened! I always used to get compliments from people for my fashion and dress sense. I used to style clothes and get them clicked. And used to post on Instagram. But one good morning I woke up and checked my mailbox. There was a ping from my favorite clothing brand – Forever21. I grabbed the opportunity and it opened the doors for me to the world of influencers!

Aadhya Sharma in BgsRaw

Q. We notice you at the Vivo event, tell us about the invitation?

Yeah! Vivo is one of the brands any content creator would love to work with. One of my friends (Kabir) used to work as an intern in the vivo digital marketing sector. He shared my profile with his team they loved it. And contacted me to work with them. As a digital creator. It was one of the biggest opportunities for me

Q. Let us know your goals and future plans?

I want to build my own clothing brand. In the near future.

Q. Do parents support your decisions!

Yes completely! I am a single child and my parents wanted a single daughter only. They support me in each and every decision and they are more excited about plans rather than me

Who is Aadhya Sharma? First interview on Bgs Raw Media

Q. What did you think to become in childhood?

Hahaha! I wished for becoming an actress. And somewhere in the back of my mind it still plans ‘A’ for me. But let’s see

Q. Give any idea about the mass media for our viewers. It’s an opportunity, scope, and how to enroll.

Mass media is a great subject. It has a number of opportunities. It just depends on how interested you are in this field. Just keep yourself updated. Read the newspaper daily. Have your own opinion. You can enroll in Amity university from the end of May or June starting. It is the best private university for BJMC in my opinion. It also provides you opportunities to visit abroad and do your half-course there

Who is Aadhya Sharma

Q. You’ve collaborated with so many brands. Let us know your experience?

It’s been great working with many brands. But sometimes things go a bit messy with some brands. All you need to know is patience, hard work, and how to manage things. Always, I repeat always check the authenticity of the brand before working with them

Q. When was your first collaboration and what was it all about?

My first collaboration was with Forever21. I need to promote their spring collection in that collaboration!

Q. The current project you are working on?

Working with many brands, I can’t reveal all but some of them are forever52 makeup India, Fujifilm, natural wash, greenways, bath, body works, myntra, etc

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your journey as a creator?

Each and every day I just create new best memory. Basically, this profession is letting me live my dreams!

Q. What’s your most embarrassing memory of childhood?

Hahaha not as such, I was a sincere and calm child

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw the online magazine?

You guys are publishing my first-ever interview and it’s a big thing for me already. I am gonna recommend it to everyone for sure 🙂

Q. How was the struggle to reach this platform where you are today?

The struggle is still going on. Every person labels them as an influencer. So you need to create content that actually helps you to stand out from the crowd of thousands. When the struggle ends, success does end.

Q. Who is that person who is supporting you a lot in this journey.

My dad! He was the person who I shared first I want to enter the world of the limelight. And he was super happy. And my mom is scared of this line. But her support is no less!

Q. When Aadhya Sharma unwind, what does she indulge in?

I guess limelight was the option since childhood. Because of the time when other children used to say they want to become teachers, doctors or scientists my option used to be a miss universe. But gradually things changed and destiny took me towards this line

Q. Any message or tips you like to convey for our audience?

Yes, in today’s world where everyone is involved in physical happiness. Try to find mental happiness. Because what you see on social media is our Reel life. And we do face a lot in our real life. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Be who you are. Don’t change yourself for anyone and live your life to the fullest. Xoxo

Rapid Fire:

Q. What is your style mantra?

Wear whatever you love

Q. How someone can get your special attention?

Good smell

Good style

Polite yet confident nature

Q. What do you believe to yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else.

As of now an influencer

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?

Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

Q. The most used pickup line by Aadhya

Aadhya doesn’t flirt with anyone! People use it for me wink wink

Q. Describe Bgs Raw in one word?

The online version of Koffee w Karan😂🙈

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